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penulis : Felicia Caitlin
dibuat : Sunday, 19 November 2017 11:32 pm
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Shadow Under the Sun


In a fictional country, every citizen is watched by countless of street camera installed on the streets and in front of every doors. Every citizen’s safety is guaranteed by means of curfew hours, unforgiving laws of death, and an unspoken law forbidding anyone to speak ill of the governments. Military runs the floor of the country and under their watchful eyes, peace is a status quo.

Among the bright, young soldiers of the country was Kaito, an orphan since he was only a little kid, whose parents were awarded hero title for their work before their death in the hands of a terrorist, a good citizen through and through. That was until he was recruited into the highly secretive but equally highly regarded squad, which job was to ‘maintain peace’ and discovered the ugly truth behind the perfect structure, the works his parents did, and the cost of a person’s ambitious dream.

This novels tells about the rise and the fall of a man and a nation, a crushed reality, power play, and an unlikely kindness from a murderer.

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