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Fresh Look, Same Rosebud


Fresh Look, Same Rosebud

To celebrate our one-year mark, we embarked on a head-to-toe brand refresh and so are super excited to re-introduce Rosebud CBD. We think that every person in the cannabis area features an obligation to simply help break the stigma. Good design of top-notch services and products might help alter minds.

The industry has with proposed regulations and the immense amount of growth seen since starting Rosebud CBD, we felt Rosebud deserved only a little attention. Our cannabis oil bottles now include a nutrition label such as vital information like the serving size, cannabinoid content per serving, and Aerial that is stating Plant to highlight the part of the plant our extract is from. Rosebud containers not contain a cap that is childproof all droppers are graduated for simple dosing.

Keeping the exact same color scheme, we refreshed to be a bit brighter and more inviting. Each formula has its own color that is own to it simple to determine. We feel this can be a significant facet of our design Rosebud CBD that is making A supplement you are excited and proud to demonstrate off.

While our outsides have actually changed, the soul and heart of Rosebud stay the exact exact same. We continue steadily to hold quality and transparency into the regard that is highest. Exact Same neat and ingredients that are pure from naturally sun grown hemp.

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